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Quality of Life Planning Services

As an added service we provide every beneficiary with an opportunity to develop a quality of life plan. Quality of Life Plan serves as a guide when developing each beneficiaries budget – this process gives a voice to the beneficiary before the budget is created. They also provide additional, more engaging services through their Personal Support Facilitation.  Please see below for a more detailed overview of the Personal Support Facilitation Services.

What is Personal Support Facilitation? 


Personal Support Facilitation (PSF) is a distinctive service offered that provides personal support to people with disabilities living in the community who desire assistance to achieve personal goals, accomplish important tasks and fully engage in their community. Quality Trust offers these supports by working with individuals, families, and trustees who manage pooled and other special needs trusts.


PSF provides experienced professionals who can support your family member with disabilities to achieve the highest quality of life available through their own preferences and decisions. This service is designed to enhance independence and promote an improved quality of life.

Personal Support Facilitation will:

  • Assess a person’s needs and link them to community resources, services, and supports.

  • Work with the family and support team to achieve a holistic approach to each person’s desired outcomes and goals.

  • Maintain close contact through regular home visits and phones calls.

  • Attend Individual Education Plan and Individual Support Plan and other important meetings to ensure your voice is being heard.

  • Help people access housing, employment, transportation, education, relationships and more.

  • Work with and advise the trustee (or others) regarding planning for your family member’s needs and carrying out appropriate expenditures on his/her behalf.

  • Advocate and provide follow up to ensure that plans and supports are put in place.

Contact Shared Horizons for more information. 

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