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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about Accessing the Funds In Your Vinner Trust Account

Question 1: If I receive SSI how am I able to access the funds in my trust? Can I get cash?

Answer: If you receive SSI: No cash disbursements are made to the beneficiary. If in an emergency you opt to receive a cash payment from the trust you will be required to sign the Consequences of Cash Disbursement Form. This form acknowledges the fact that receiving cash from your trust is in violation of Social Security rules and will result in a reduction of your cash benefit from Social Security. The trust can, however, pay for many things on your behalf, and if approved, the trust can provide a pre‐paid credit card for you to make smaller purchases.


Question 2: What can the trust pay for if I receive subsidized housing through HUD?

Answer: If you receive subsidized housing through HUD the trust cannot make payments for housing related expenses, including help with rent/mortgage or direct payments for utilities; gas, water and/or electric. The trust is also unable to pay condo fees or property tax if you receive HUD or reside in subsidized housing. Using the funds in the trust for these purposes will result in 1/3 reduction of your SSI. Again, the trust can pay for many things on your behalf, but we must follow each program’s guidelines.


Question 3: What can the trust pay for if I receive Medicaid?

Answer: If you receive Medicaid the trust cannot supplant or pay for services covered by Medicaid, unless they have paid their portion. First, then the trust can pay whatever was not covered by Medicaid.


Question 4: What are examples of unallowable trust distributions?

Answer: The trust cannot pay for a service already paid for by another source. An example of this would be paying for a medical expense that is also covered by Medicaid. The trust is also not able to distribute funds that are not in the best interest of the beneficiary, that includes weapons of any kind.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The trust is for the SOLE BENEFIT of the beneficiary and may NOT be used for the benefit of other individuals, including family members.

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