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About the Organization

Shared Horizons is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to manage Pooled Special Needs Trusts. Our goal is to the protect public benefits, provide goods and services, and preserve assets and funds of an at promise population. We are also required to payback Medicaid, if applicable. 


The initial Trust was named in honor of Wesley Vinner, who was a strong, committed self-advocate who lived over 15 years at Forest Haven. He worked with many advocacy and disability rights organizations advocating for people with differing disabilities in the District of Columbia to lead meaningful, productive lives in the community.


Wesley wanted all people with disabilities to receive quality services in a timely manner from the agencies created to serve them.

What We Manage

The nonprofit currently manages two trusts:

  • The Wesley Vinner Memorial Trust (self-funded)

    • Medicaid approved in DC, MD, KY and GA

  • The 3rd Party Community Trust

Both trusts are designed to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, while protecting assets and benefits.

Our funds are managed by Merrill Lynch, with the

MKBH & Associates as our fund manager.

Team Members

Yolanda Mazyck, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tresa Welch, Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Derek Cohill, Office Manager

Quintina Hampton, Community Resource Specialist

Ora Murray, Director of Trust Services

Patricia Williams, Trust Administrator

Melhina Pena, Trust Administrator

Sha'Nay Fuches, Trust Administrator

Michael Green, Trust Administrator

Roman Hoskins, Trust Specialist

Sharee Day-Fitzgerald, Director of Finance

Laconte Saunders, Bookkeeper

Edward Varrone, Esq., Legal Counsel

Law Office of Edward G. Varrone

Board of Directors

Mary Cassell, President

Executive Office - OMB

Kimberly Edley, Esq., Vice President


Patrick Haley, Treasurer

Ritholtz Wealth Management

Amy L. Brooks, Secretary

RCM of Washington, Inc.​​

Michael Orleans, Immediate Past President


​​​Tina Campanella

Independent Consultant

Horacio Chacon

Capital Bank

Deborah Fisher Psy.D.

Deborah Fisher Consulting

Patrick Malone, Esq.

Patrick Malone Associates

Jenn Crane, Esq.

Odin Feldman & Pittleman, P.C.

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