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General Information for Attorney's

Shared Horizons, Inc. strives to keep the legal community informed about how to utilize Pooled Special Needs Trusts as an option when advising their clients.  We understand your time is limited, so this page was designed to provide easily accessible information for your practice.  Whether you are:


  • A Guardian seeking to preserve your client's public benefits or make them eligible

  • A Conservator seeking an established Special Needs Trust option for clients who are over the asset limit and are in danger of losing their benefits

  • An Attorney negotiating a settlement from a lawsuit, sale of property or an inheritance


In the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA 93), Congress created three exceptions to the general rule that an individual's assets held in trust are counted as resources when determining eligibility for public benefits. The three exceptions are the:  


  1. Individual Special Needs Trust

  2. Disability Income Trust or Miller Trust

  3. Pooled Special Needs Trusts         


Consider Shared Horizons as an option when advising your clients. Our pooled special needs trusts meet all Federal and State  (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia) Medicaid requirements, and are packaged for easy access, affordability and professional management.


Call Yolanda Mazyck, CEO at (202) 448-1460 for more information or email us.    


Click here for a list of frequently accessed forms. 

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