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Pooled Special Needs Trust Service Options

Shared Horizons administers two types of pooled special needs trusts: Self-Funded & Community Trusts.
Learn more about our pooled special needs trust options below. Click here for a list of frequently accessed forms.
Self- Funded/ First Party Trust

This means the money belongs to the person with the disability. The money may be earned or it may come from an inheritance, settlement, lottery proceeds, etc.

  • We also offer the Pilot Program that was created in response to a growing number of people who are employed or have limited needs and are unable to "spend down" month to month.

    • Reduced Enrollment Fee, Low Annual Fee and Initial Deposit

    • Our Pilot Deposit Program, is a perfect option for Maryland residents receiving services through the DDA system who are "over resourced" due to the "Contribute of Cost of Care" changes


Click here to access the Self-Funded Pooled Special Needs Trust Joinder Agreement. Please contact the office directly at (202) 448 - 1460 for Foster Care Documents and information.

Click here to access General Trust Information. 


Community / Third Party Trust


This is another pooled special needs trust option, but it is established and funded by anyone other than the person with the disability.  


  • This is an AFFORDABLE, PRACTICAL OPTION for family and friends interested in contributing to a loved one’s quality of life without jeopardizing their benefits. 


  • Established either as a living (or inter-vivos) trust or a testamentary trust created by the terms of a will.  


  • Ideal option for PARENTS & LOVED ONES who want to PROVIDE gifts and bequests to a person who has a disability.  We encourage you to work with an Estate Planning Attorney to ensure your Estate Plan and documents are in order.


  • CAN receive gifts and bequests from third parties, such as parents, friends and other family members. Again, you will need to work with an Estate Planning Attorney to help you draft your Estate Plan.



Click here to access the Third Party Community Trust Joinder Agreement.



Click here for a list of frequently accessed Shared Horizons forms and documents.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any additional questions.

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